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African-Based Music Resources

(Afro-Cuban celebration, Havana, Cuba)


YouTube Videos: Afro-Latino Artists


Afro Colombia, Somos Pacifico by Chocquibtown:

Afro-Colombians, Las Caras de mi Gente: Afro Colombians identify with various terms indicating their African heritage:

Afro Peruvian: Ghetto Rap, Monica Carrillo is an Afro-Peruvian activist. She appears in Henry Louis Gates’ documentary titled Black in Latin America. :

Afro-Mexico: Documentary on Afro-Mexicans’ experiences in the Costa Chica, Guerrero region of Mexico.

Afro-Cuba: Las Krudas perform a song in protest of thinness and dominant standards of beauty:

Afro-Cuba: Las Krudas perform a song in protest of immigration restrictions.

Educators Making a Difference through Music

The following educators have found creative ways to enhance their instruction at all levels. Cheryl and Karen use art, music, and poetry to promote languages for ALL. Erin writes raps and uses rhythms along with song, dance, and art to enhance her French classes. Gayle uses Latin music of all genres to teach culture and grammar.

  • Cheryl M. Jogan, Abington Junior High School, PA (Areas of interest are Afro-Latin American poetry, art, and music)
  • M.Karen Jogan, Albright College, PA (Areas of interest are Afro-Latin American poetry, art, and music)
  • Erin Jones, French Immersion Teacher, WA (Area of interest is Afro-Francophone music)
  • Gayle Lewis, Phoenix City Schools, AL (Area of interest is Latin Music of multiple genres)

African-Based Music Booklist

Here are some books and other resources you may find available at your local public library. The following resources are particularly helpful if you are utilizing Afro-Latino/Afro-Caribbean/Afro-Brazilian music as part of your cultural topics in language classes. You can find a more comprehensive list of books and recordings at:



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