Celebrity Linguists of African Descent



  • Boris Kodjoe
  • German, Ghanian descent

Secretary of State

  • Condoleeza Rice
  • Speaks Russian,Spanish & French

NY Yankee's Pitcher

  • Mariano Rivera
  • Panamanian

CNN Reporter

  • Soledad Obrien
  • Cuban Descent

NBA Player

  • Kobe  Bryant
  • Speaks Italian

NBA Player

  • Tony Parker
  • Speaks French
  • Actor

    • Amaury Nolasco
    • Puerto Rican


    • Rosario Dawson
    • Puerto Rican/Cuban/African-American/Native American Descent

    Former Secretary of State

    • Colin Powell
    • Speaks Yiddish


    • Gio Williams
    • Dominican

    Chicago Cubs

    • Sammy Sosa
    • Dominican


    • Holly Robinson-Pete
    • Speaks French


    • Garcelle Beauvais
    • Haitian Born


    • Zoe Saldana
    • Dominican/Puerto Rican




    • Gina Torres (wife of Lawrence Fishburne)
    • Cuban


    • Tais Araujo
    • Brazilian


    • Celia Cruz
    • Cuban


    • Phylicia Rashad
    • Speaks Spanish


    • Sidney Poitier
    • Speaks Russian

    Raeggetón Singer

    • Raymond Ayala aka Daddy Yankee
    • Puerto Rican


    • Alfonso Ribeiro
    • Dominican


    • Christina Milian
    • Cuban-American



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    Comments from AAL members:


    1. "People of African descent speak all major dominant European languages due to slavery & colonization. It is to the advantage of African Americans not to see themselves as predominant speakers of English. Black people all over the world speak English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, German and any other language of the colonizers. Besides, look at the variety of languages alone spoken in Africa. People there are multilingual!" Frances Mecartty-Dunlap, NJ
    2. "African Americans have an advantage. From antiquity our culture has been one that has emphasized keen listening as well as skillful imitation. For this reason, hearing & imitating the sounds of other languages has been accomplished with relative ease." Camellia Cuthrell, NC 


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