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What does the data reveal?

Degrees conferred in foreign languages, literatures, and linguistics by degree level, gender and race/ethnicity in the United States in academic year 2005-2006.


What does the data reveal?

Total Foreign Language degrees conferred (2005-06): 24,023

White (non-Hispanic): 15,337

Black (non-Hispanic): 838

Hispanic: 3,569

Asian or PI: 1,173

Am. Indian/Alaskan Native: 87

Race/Ethnicity Unknown: 1,492

Non Resident Alien: 1,527

Classroom Materials Inclusive of African Descendants

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Hispanic Writers

  1. Alejo Carpentier: Paradise Lost, El Reino de este Mundo (Cuba)
  2. Miguel Barnet: Cimarrón (Cuba)
  3. Georgina Herrera: Gritos (Cuba)
  4. Nancy Morejón: Mujer Negra, Madre, Mirar Adentro (Cuba)
  5. Nicolás Guillén: Negro Bembón, Mulata, Canto Negro (Cuba)
  6. Juan Francisco Manzano: Autobiografía de un Esclavo (Cuba)
  7. Carlos Guillermo Wilson: Cuentos del Negro, Cubena (Panamá)
  8. Manuel Zapata Olivella: Chambacú, Corral de Negros (Colombia)
  9. Adalberto Ortiz: El Telégrafo, Tierra, Son y Tambor (Ecuador)
  10. Quince Duncan: El negro en Costa Rica, Los cuatro espejos, Teoría y práctica del racismo (Costa Rica)
  11. Blas Jiménez: El nativo, versos del negro (República Dominicana)
  12. Cristina Rodriguez Cabral: Cimarrones, Memoria y Resistencia, To become unequal (Uruguay)
  13. Sandra Cisneros: House on Mango Street-"Pelos" (Chicana)
  14. Loida Maritza Perez: Geographies of Home (Dominican Republic)
  15. Mayra Santos Febres: Our Lady of the Night (Puerto Rico)

Hispanic Children´s Books

  1. John Steptoe: Creativity (about African-American and Afro-Puerto Rican school children meeting for the first time) (USA)
  2. Barrons: Niños y niñas del mundo
  3. Ivar Da Coll: Azúcar (about Celia Cruz)

Hispanic Musicians

  1. Manuel Donayre: Yo no soy Jaqui (Perú)
  2. Ricky Martín: Raza de mil colores (Puerto Rico)
  3. Celia Cruz: La negra tiene tumbao, mulata (Cuba)
  4. Ismael Rivera: Caras Lindas de mi gente negra (Puerto Rico)
  5. Gloria Estefan: Tradición (Cuba)

Hispanic Films

  1. Angelitos Negros (Mexican film starring Pedro Infante based on American Film Imitation of Life)
  2. La Última Cena (Cuban film produced by Guiterrez Alea)
  3. Francisco Negro

French Writers

  1. Charles Baudelaire: La Chevelure
  2. Leopold Sedar Senghor: Femme noire
  3. Birago Diop: Le prix du chameau

French Film

  1. Three tales from Senegal: Three Senegalese short films that adapt the ancient African art of storytelling to the modern medium of film.
  2. Xala
  3. Sango Malo: A reform minded teacher teaches self reliance to villagers and helps them reshape their perception of themselves and their way of life.
  4. Femmes aux yeux ouverts: Profiles contemporary African women in four West African countries: Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal and Benin.
  5. Women of Manga: This program is devoted to the women of a warrior tribe whose origin is ancient but unknown and which lives today in eastern Niger.
  6. Afrique, je te plumerai: A compelling and sardonic essay on the history of colonialism in Cameroon, and by extension, on the African continent.

French Musicians

  1. Senaya (Senegal)

Brazilian Film

  1. Quilombo
  2. Black Orpheus

Japanese Musicians

  1. When I used to teach Japanese, I kept hearing, "Why should we learn Japanese?  Black people don't speak Japanese!"  Later on I brought in my Crystal Kay CD.  When they saw that she was a Black singer who sang R & B in Japanese, they changed their minds and decided to learn Japanese.  The same method worked when I taught Spanish when I brought in CDs featuring Afro-Latino singers. Juanita Doswell

African American Historical Figures

Have your students to give presentations on these historical African Americans who have mastered a variety of world languages. Click here.


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