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African American Linguists (AAL)

Promoting World Languages in the African American Community

Privacy Policy

Why is personal information requested with the AAL application?

All personal information (name, address, phone, etc) is collected for the purpose of AAL records, mailings, and communication.

How is personal information used by AAL?

Your mailing address is used to send membership packages, posters, and flyers. Your email or IP address is placed in the AAL database so that you may be informed of AAL announcements and current events. Your telephone number is rarely used by AAL, it only serves as an alternative form of contact should we not be able to reach you via postal or eletronic mail. Expected graduation date for students is requested so that AAL may update renewal applications.

Is personal information distributed?

AAL does not share personal information with outside agencies, organizations or any third party. AAL strongly supports networking amongst members. For this reason, AAL will notifiy its members before releasing email addresses to other AAL members. AAL NEVER releases street addresses or telephone numbers for any reason. Several of the websites that are linked to AAL's automatically receive your IP (email) address if you visit their site. Most of them have a similar Privacy Policy to that of AAL; however, AAL cannot be responsible for how unaffiliated or outside websites use IP addresses.