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Scholarship Chair

Lee Wilberschied & Escher

The Rhoda Joseph Scholarship is a bequest generously given by Cleveland State University professor Dr. Lee Wilberschied in honor of her beloved grandmother, who "believed in her--often when no one else did."

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Other Scholarship Options

AAL and Rhoda Joseph Scholarship: $700.00
2017 Scholarship Recipient
Norman Frasier

2012 Scholarship Recipient

AAL & Rhoda Joseph Scholarship Recipient: $700.00


  • Alaina Houser, Interior Design Major, Studies Japanese
  • George Washington University


Berry A. Claytor Scholarship

(One-time scholarship offer, this offer will not be repeated)

Chinese Study Abroad Program

Offered by Reginald Smith in collaboration with African-American Linguists & the College Language Association



Interdisciplinary Studies Major at Johnson C. Smith University; MBA at Wake Forest School of Business




($700.00) AAL Scholarship

The African American Linguists & Rhoda Joseph Scholarship is given to an African American student who has demonstrated leadership and academic excellence while majoring or minoring in a world language. S/he should be one who is committed to the promotion of world languages within the African American community.The scholarship is typically $700-$1,000, however, the amount may vary depending on donations received. 

AAL Scholarship Requirements ($700.00)

Requirements for AAL/Rhoda Joseph Scholarship: DUE DATE MARCH 21st (NOTIFICATION IN MAY)

  1. Each Essay must include the following heading: Name, full mailing address (for summer), telephone number, email address
  2. Must be a Black/African-American college or university student
  3. Must be a  major or minor in world languages
  4. Must submit a current transcript from your institution of higher education
  5. Must have a 3.0 average in the major or minor
  6. Must submit 1 letter of recommendation ? The letter should be from one of your former or current world language educators
  7. Must send a photograph of yourself (hard copy photographs will be returned, electronic photographs preferred)
  8. Must submit an essay which consists of the following:
    • Make a statement about your background and experiences and how you came to be interested in world language.
    • How do you feel as an African-American involved in the field of world languages?
    • How would you promote world language learning in the African-American community?
    • What are some of your short or long-term goals with relation to the world language that you are studying?
    • How might you use the scholarship proceeds?

Letter of Recommendation

The Organization of African-American Linguists? (AAL) scholarship is given to an African-American student who has demonstrated leadership and academic excellence as a major or minor in a world language. S/he should be one who is committed to the promotion of world languages within the African-American community.


§  Evaluator should submit the letter of recommendation electronically to

§  On your letterhead, include your name, title, telephone number, email address, and organization/institution.

§  We would appreciate your candid evaluation of the applicant?s leadership, academic excellence, and promise as they relate to world language study.



Submission of Materials

Email the following materials to: 

  • (1)Essay (email submission only)
  • (1)Letter of recommendation (email submission only)
  • (1)Photograph (email submission only)
  • (1)Official Transcript (may be mailed or emailed (only official transcripts accepted)

Mail transcripts to the following postal address or email official transcript to the address above:

Tamari Jenkins (AAL)

Chaffey College/Lang. Arts Bld

5885 Haven Avenue

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91737-3002



2011 AAL Scholarship Recipient: $1000.00

2011 Rhoda Joseph Scholarship Recipient: $500


2010 AAL Scholarship Recipient ($1,000)

  • Matthew Kirby, NC A&T State University
  • Psychology Major
  • Spanish Minor

2010 Joseph Scholarship Recipient ($500)

  • Chanice Brown, Howard University
  • Spanish minor, Communication Sciences & Disorders Major
  • Studying Kiswahili 

2009 AAL Scholarship Recipient

  • Ama Frimpong: Recipient of $1600
  • Spanish Major at Salem College, NC

2009 Rhoda Joseph Scholarship Recipient

  • Shannon Irish
  • Binghamton University
  • Major: Chinese
  • Scholarship Award: $500


2008 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations 2008 Scholarship Recipients!

Recipient of $1600 AAL Scholarship:

  • Erica Rochelle Lee
  • Sophomore
  • Political Science Major and French Minor
  • Howard University


Recipient of $500 Rhoda Joseph Scholarship:

  • Valetta A. Burgess
  • Film/TV Production Major (Currently, Howard does not offer a major/minor in Swahili)
  • Howard Univerisity School of Communications/Entreprenuership Minor/Howard University School of Business
  • Class of 2009

Congratulations 2007 AAL Scholarship Recipients!

2007 AAL Scholarship Recipient ($1600): Jasmine Nelson

Jasmine is a sophomore at New York University where she is majoring in East Asian Studies (focusing on Mandarin Chinese) and minoring in Spanish.

2007 Rhoda Joseph Scholarship Recipient ($500): Ebony Hicks


Ebony is a graduate of Hampton University where she majored in Spanish.

Congratulations 2006 AAL Scholarship Recipient

  • Ms. Lauren Forman
  • Graduate of Dillard University w/ a Major in Spanish & Business Management

Congratulations 2006 Rhoda Joseph Scholarship Recipient

  • Mr. Taurin Roberts
  • Majoring in Communications and minoring in Spanish at Cleveland State University

Congratulations 2005 AAL Scholarship Recipient!

  • Mrs. Camellia Cuthrell
  • Majoring in Spanish & Religion